About Mike DeGregorio

Mike DeGregorio grew up in Boston, Massachusetts where his dad was a city cop. He and his brother were raised by their stay at home mom and they attended a Catholic Prep school to play division one hockey.

He then went on to serve in the U.S Marine Corp and has been a father and husband for the last 18 years.

After losing a large portion of his family’s wealth in 2008, Mike set out to discover strategies for his clients that would provide Safety, Wildly Predictive growth, and Tax-free income in Retirement. 

Today his passion for this line of work is even stronger because he is able to help protect millions of dollars of his clients assets and has been able to earn the trust of countless clients from all income levels.

Mike has been hosting the “Safe Money Radio Show” for the last 4 years in Las Vegas where he infuses his financial practice with a strong East Coast Family style character. Mike prides himself on being able to advise clients with ethics and Integrity.

Mike DeGregorio
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