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I'm Mike DeGregorio...

... After losing a large portion of my family’s wealth in 2008, I set out to discover strategies for my Federal clients that would provide safety, predictable growth, and income you cannot outlive.

People who are frustrated with losing their money in the market, and those who are sitting on the sideline because of it. Can now safely grow their money without unnecessary loss to their families life savings.

I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts where my dad was a city cop. My brother and I were raised by our stay at home mom and we attended a Catholic Prep school to play division one hockey.

I then went on to serve in the U.S Marine Corp and have been a father and husband for the last 18 years.

Today my passion for this line of work is even stronger because I'm able to help protect millions of dollars of Federal Employee's assets and have been able to earn the trust of countless clients from all income levels.

In this video, you can avoid the costliest mistakes that Federal Employers make when planning for retirement.

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Hi, I'm Mike DeGregorio...

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